P-Shot For Him

pshot1Women are not the only ones whose sexual response and satisfaction can be improved using PRP. The Priapus Shot, or P-Shot ®, is a non-surgical procedure we use here at The PRP Institute.  The procedure begins by drawing your blood, just like you would for a standard blood test. Your blood is then prepared with a centrifuge and, after a topical anesthetic is applied, is injected intra-cavernously.

This simple and painless procedure encourages the regeneration and rejuvenation of the tissues of the penis. Our patients report erections that are increased in size and intensity, an increase in desire, increased sensitivity, more intense orgasms and an overall improvement of their sex lives!


If you are experiencing erectile dysfunction or  decreased satisfaction with your sex life, contact The PRP Institute for a consultation to see if the P-Shot® could help you turn back the hands of time!